Getting Off On the Right Foot and Paw
We do our best to give your pup
the best start in life nutritionally,
neurologically and socially, but
when you take pup home, the
rest is up to you. Here are some
videos to help you get started off
on the right foot and paw.
Dual purpose ~
Teaching your pup trust
Teaching pup who is in charge
This teaches trust, who is boss,
and is safety training in case
your dog gets something in his
mouth he should not have.
As I make more videos,
I will post them here.
We begin training your
puppy very early!
Bird Wing Intro at 3 Wks.
Keeping your pup healthy is as
simple as regular home health
Teaching pup to trust you even
if he is afraid.
Dogs are pack animals and
need to be around a good
leader in order to be an
enjoyable companion. They
also need to know how to deal
with being alone.
Teaching your pup how to wait
for food and your direction.
Teach your pup not to bite
It is important to learn how
dogs communicate.
Both of these videos show
what happens when you do not
socialize your dog with other
How to start your future gun
pup retreiveing and holding.
  • Do daily until 4 months old
  • bi-weekly until 6 months
  • weekly until 1 year