Dog Photography -
Darcie Skillings-Kramber
and Clare Bluhm
Once upon a time
a puppy was born
as all puppies are
~ for a purpose...
5 years earlier, a
little boy was
born as all boys
are ~ for a
They met and
both decided
they liked each
other very much
The puppy began
to grow and he
was marked for a
special purpose ~
to help a little boy
navigate life....
The dog got to
know the whole
family and
started learning
what it meant to
be a special dog
The boy and his
dog both learned
that the dentist
is a nice person
The dog was trained by
many people so he would
be able to help his boy.
Two things the dog
learned was that the
police are also good
people and restaurants
smell great!
The tale of the
boy and his dog
will continue...
A Tale of
a Boy and
His Dog
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The boy learned how
to walk his dog
and the dog loved
walking with his boy.