The best breeders get e-mails quite
frequently. You should understand
that ethical breeders put many hours
of hard work, knowledge and love
into our litters. It is better to locate a
good breeder than to look for the pup
you want, as pictures and websites
can be very deceiving.

When you do locate a breeder you'd
like to check out more, the following
will help you with your first contact.
Here is what you should know the
breeder is thinking when reading
your e-mail~
Here are examples of e-mails I do not
even respond to ~

Do you have English creams? How

Seriously? I am NOT a baker.

2. Do you have any pups now?

Any good breeder will have a wait
list that is at least 6 months out. If I
had an unexpected availability, and I
do on occassion, it will be on my
LITTERS page - Look there first.

How much are your puppies?

If you have to ask, and this is all
you're going to say, I'm thinking that
you probably can't afford the expense
of taking care of a pup should an
emergency come up. I'm also
thinking you are looking for a cheap
puppy, so probably do not care about
quality. It is OK to ask about price,
but not like this.

I want a puppy in April, will you
have any then?

Breeders can't tell their girls when to
come into season, and you can't
expect to find a pup for a specific
month if you are
firstly looking for a
good breeder and not simply a pup
when you want it. We understand
that some people need their pups in a
certain season due to jobs, but a
specific month is pretty hard to find.
Begin by telling the breeder about
why you are contacting them. e.g.

"Hi, my name is __________; I saw
your website while searching for
_____. I like that you __________
because I'm looking for a pup that can
________________. We'd like to know
how much you sell your pups for, so
that we can budget for the first year.

Wow! I am thinking this is a person
who may be a good match and cares
about their research.

You may also add that you just lost a
dog and why. Tell the breeder what
your yard is like, where the pup will
spend his days, and if you have any
experience with dogs.

You do not need to write more than a
couple of paragraphs, we are busy
too, but more than what is over here.

We want to know that you have put
some thought into this, and would
like to know if you are a person with
a home we may be interested in
placing one of our beautiful babies in.
               DO                                                          DON'T