The English cream Golden Retriever which is
really just a Golden retriever from many
parts of Europe seemed to me to not have the
rate of cancer found in the US. I had spent
30 years breeding American Goldens until I
heard that 9 top stud dogs died of pericardial
cancer before the age of 9 years old! This
disturbed me and I set out to find out the

The most common cancers found in Golden
Retrievers are: hemangiosarcoma, followed
by lymphosarcoma. mast cell tumor, and
osteosarcoma. Cancer was the cause of death
for 71.8% of American Goldens according to
a 1998 health study conducted by the Golden
Retriever Club of America, making it the
breed's biggest killer. (The Golden retriever
Club of America study, 1998-1988)

The health differences between the European Golden and the
American Golden are wide apart. The cost over time, not including
heartache, is far higher if an individual purchases an American
Golden over a European one. The incidence of cancer among
European bloodlines is significantly lower than in the American lines.
The British Kennel Club did an extensive study  and found that
cancer was the cause of death of 38.8% of European Goldens. See
study here

The median age of an English Golden is 12
years and 3 months according to the study,
but the median age of an American Golden is
only 10 years and 8 months.

Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia are also
much more common in American Golden
Retrievers than in European Golden
Retrievers. The reasons are not completely
understood, but it seems the health standards
in Europe are far higher and the American
gene pool is more closed with fewer stud dogs
being used as compared to the many great
stud dogs of Europe. This is from my own
research, but it could also be that the
popular stud dogs in Europe simply do not
carry strong cancer genes. Once the
American kennel Club set the breed standard
for the American Golden, the cream color
variation and some other standards found in
Europe were excluded leaving Americans
with a more limited gene pool. I believe this
was a bad choice and that if this breed is to
be saved, conscientious breeders need to
import from the best lines of Europe after
doing extensive research into the lines they
are purchasing from. I also believe it is the
average puppy buyer's responsibility to do
some research of their own and buy only
from ethical breeders, so that the unethical
ones are put out of business.  
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Cancer in Goldens
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Environment Plays a Role!

Research suggests strongly that dogs
kept at a lean weight live on average of 2
years longer!

Keep your dogs at a weight where you
can easily feel the ribs, but not see them.

Feed more than just dog food; feed
healthy table scraps that equal 80%
protein to 20% vegetable.

Not 'from' the table, but later. Take the
amount of table scraps out of your dog's
next meal, so you do not over feed.

Salmon, pumpkin (a natural wormer),
yogurt, any meats rinsed of oils, your
veggies, (wash off butter first) many of
the things you eat are far better than
any dog food you can buy!

When looking for a good dog food, corn
should never be listed first, or more than
once which is the same. I personally do
not feed dog food with corn in it.